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RADIANT ABUNDANCE (Limited Time offer)
Making Massive Shifts in Receiving All Life Has to Offer YOU!

8 week online program from the comfort of your own home.
Cost: $1997$497.00

Online Home Study Program. You start when you want to.

Foundational Information:
The topic of abundance is a HOT TOPIC these days. So many desire more than what has been showing up for them in their life. Many have been taking the current thinking out there and applying it and still not seeing results.
You may be doing everything right in terms of positive thinking, actions for positive outcomes, but still abundance is elusive to you.
Your problem may not be from what you are doing, but what you are thinking and believing….and many of those thoughts and beliefs you may not even be aware of, they may be part of your unconscious/subconscious beliefs.

Where do these thoughts and beliefs come from? Many places, experiences and people!
They could be from:
  • Your Family,
  • Society at Large
  • Other Lives
  • Your Ancestors
  • Groups you belong to

In this program you will:
  1. Open to a new understanding of the energies that are influencing you, both consciously and unconsciously.
  2. Explore all of these energies from the place of deeper understanding accessed through your Innermost Self using the tool of the Akashic Records
  3. Uncover family beliefs (in this lifetime) you have taken on, knowingly or unknowingly
  4. Discover beliefs and understandings from other times and places that are still active in you now
  5. Reveal the beliefs of your predecessors that are influencing your life at this time.
  6. Release the hold of the energies that keep you from experiencing the abundance you desire in your life now
  7. Experience a new level of peace about yourself and your ability to attract whatever type of abundance you desire in your life
  8. Embody the energy of an Abundance generator

Connect to you Galactic Lineage
Purchase the Recording of this powerful event for you to enjoy and redo the meditations and review the powerful answers you get with regards to your Galactic Lineage.

Join us in a
* Seth Teachings and Channelings
* High Council of Orion Teachings and Channelings
* Guided meditations to get information on your Galactic Lineage

What you will learn and experience:
  • Who you really are as a Soul
  • Find out your Galactic history
  • Trace Your Star Lineage with “Seth” and access your Akashic Records.
  • What you are here on Earth to do Now?
  • How to live beyond duality & limitation
  • Finding your Savior within
  • Tools to use immediately in your daily life to shift your vibration to your True Reality

Unlimited access to the video recording for only $579

Brought to you by: Paul & Holly Hawkins Marwood, Laurie Reyon and Master Cat Puddah.
Once you have purchased this recording a link will be emailed to you for permanent access.

Holly Hawkins Marwood and Paul Marwood, and any other practitioners who work with Soul Genesis as independent contractors, are not physicians and make no claims, promises or guarantees. See our website Disclaimer for further details.